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crowdfunding projects, 
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the right manufacturers 
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We turn you into a Style Hero.
Realize your dream and become designer of your very own fashion collection. We will help you with your project and find the right partners to make it happen.

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And decide actively which fashion collections are successful. Secure yourself unique products, while supporting designers in their projects.

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Your company is producing environmentally and socially correct? Then become part of our network and benefit from an eco-system in which everyone can contribute something.

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Projects that are worthwhile.

Kleiner weiser Hase 

Kleiner weiser Hase is a young fashion label for kids. Cheeky fancy stylish clothes for our young ones made with loving attention to detail.

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The second edition of our multifunctional EARTHBAG comes with a small upgrade which simplifies the transformation. Check it out!

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future.feat is a new label for BMXer and Skater. The t-shirts and Hoddies of the collection come with a cool gadget that makes sharing your social media data safe and easy. Be part of a new way to share your data!

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The innovative outdoor overall for kids who like to play outside. Even in wet weather the clothes underneath stay dry, perfect for a discovery tour through nature!

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A new upcycling projekt. Worn out Jeans become traditional bavarian dresses? Yes they do! Get the "all eyes on me" effect with a Dirndl made from recycled denim.

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Anyone can

We open our community for anyone who is willing to become a part of it,   and who wants to benefit from his fully strengths within the network.  EARTHBACK wants to go new ways in the production of fashion items - One community many products. Away from mass-produced and fast fashion towards more beautiful, durable and individual products.

We pave the way into a future of conscious and beautiful consumption.

EARTHBACK makes you a Style Hero

Anyone can be
a Style Hero

Realize your first collection. [Nbsp] Archieve your dream.

No matter whether you already gained experience as a designer, or you are one of the creative minds on this world. All that is important for us, are your creativity, your motivation and your ambition to convince the crowd of your idea.

EARTHBACK supports creative people to realize Crowdfunding projects

Bring design products on the way

Supporter have the possibility to excellerate the implementation
of the projects.

Everybody has the chance to decide which idea should become a real product.

EARTHBACK sucht nachhaltige PRoduzenten


Producers can balance gaps in their workmenship and find new orders and jobs through our network.

On the platform, producers and suppliers can actively look for interessting projects and contribute so that projects get realized in a honest and fair way.

Stylefunding Projects

earthback bag earthbag

Die Vier-in-eins-Tasche: Earthbag holt die Welt zurück.

BMX und Skatermarke:

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